If you have employed the services of our team to eradicate the problem of mice in your home, you should consider taking precautions to protect your home from future invasions from these unwanted guests. As specialists in mice control Birmingham, here at Pest Busters we have the expertise and ability to deal with all manner of mice problems within your home.

Whilst the thought of mice running around your home is enough to raise the hairs on the back of your neck, these rodents are also extremely unhygienic and can cause a serious risk to your health; after all it has been proven that mice can carry salmonella as well as other deadly diseases. For this reason, our team of specialists have devised this list of tips to protect your property from the unwanted attention of mice.

Close Up All Holes

Incredibly, mice can squeeze through gaps as small as a five pence piece. Therefore it is vitally important that you walk around the external of your property and close up any holes in the brickwork and any other gaps that provide direct access to your home. If you want to ensure an efficient job is carried out, consider professional builders Birmingham.

Don’t Leave Food Lying Around

Mice love left-overs. If you leave unwrapped food lying around your home, you may as well be putting an ‘All Mice Welcome’ sign outside your house. Even ensuring your outside dustbins are completely closed can make sure that your home isn’t so inviting for mice.

Traps & Poison

Whilst laying traps and poison around your property is likely to kill the mice currently in your home, it doesn’t mean that more mice aren’t going to come into your property.

Cats and Dogs

A more effective mouse deterrent is to get a pet cat or dog. Both are natural predators of rodents and can provide you with an added level of protection against the invasion of mice.

For more methods of mice control Birmingham, or if you require any of our pest control services, call our team here at Pest Busters on 0800 035 1000.

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