Keeping costs down when running a business will be an important factor and damage to your property isn’t something you will want to pay out for. Unfortunately many business owners are incurring costs to their buildings because of nuisance birds, however here at Total Bird Control we have a variety of techniques that we use to help decrease the presence of unwanted birds around your property. All of our methods for bird control Solihull are designed to be cost effective and will provide you with a safe solution to eradicating these pests.

There are various risks to leaving bird problems untreated including health problems associated with certain birds, infestation of other pests and accidents that may happen when droppings land on wet concrete causing it to be slippery.

One of the methods we can use to help protect your building against birds is spikes. These are a great bird proofing solution as they are made from metal with plastic basing and will prevent birds from landing on them. Whether you are in a temporary modular building or a high rise tower, we are able to install this bird control method in a variety of sizes and strengths to suit your individual needs.

Another technique that we can install is posts and wire. These are similar to spikes in that birds will find them uncomfortable whilst also stopping them from landing on the surface of where they are installed. This method sees a number of posts strung together with high tension wire which will deter birds and can be easily fixed to the roof of your building.

All of the methods we use at Total Bird Control are designed to be as humane as possible whilst offering comprehensive protection against the damage birds can make. We also offer a service for bird trapping if needed in extreme cases; this is carried out by our professionals and complies with all pest and bird control laws.

If you are in need of bird control Solihull, contact us at Total Bird Control where we can discuss what the best solution will be for you. For more information, feel free to browse our website or call one of our team today on 0121 695 9076.

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