The ideal solution in controlling pest birds is to naturally encourage them to move away from the site but when a serious problem persists bird trapping may be the only option.

There are occasions when birds do pose a serious risk to human health and in these cases landlords have no option but to act. Problems include unhygienic bird droppings, excessive noise, nuisance to people and damage to buildings.

What is bird trapping and how can it control pest birds?

Once a problem with pest birds has been identified, and expert help called in, a specialist bird company will take steps to discourage birds from continuing to visit or roost there. This will include installing netting and spikes along with advising customers on steps to take to minimise the attraction to birds.

However, in the rare event that this fails to address the problem of pest birds on your property bird trapping can be used.

How does bird trapping work?

Obviously the aim of bird trapping is to catch a bird, or a number or birds, to safely and humanely remove them from the site. Bird trapping sees traps, usually made of wire and timber, set up in the area for a number of days to tempt the birds into.

This is achieved using food, which is left there for enough time for the bird to confidently visit.

At a set time the bird trap will then be used to catch the birds as they enter into it. The trap is designed to prevent the bird from leaving.

Bird trapping is a humane solution to a difficult problem where business owners or landowners are left with no other solution.

Through bird trapping, a specially trained bird control firm will be able to clear birds from the site and remove all the associated issues.

Bird trapping needs to be carried out in a humane manner and as such it is important that you only use a specialist firm when dealing with problem birds. Bird control experts will be aware of the legalities surrounding bird trapping and understand the restrictions in certain circumstances. They can discuss and work through other options with you in depth to help resolve your pest bird problem.

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