Having a fly buzzing around your kitchen or home, incessantly landing on food, work surfaces and maybe even your head, can be one of the most annoying things to have to deal with. While flies are more of a problem in the summer, they do persist to be an annoyance all year round, but by taking the right measures to prevent them from invading your home, you may be able to simply and easily eradicate the issue. At PestBusters we supply a comprehensive selection of fly screens Birmingham to keep your home or workplace hygienic and fly-free.

It is important to take the right measures to prevent the presence of flies within your property, as in addition to being a hard-to-catch annoyance, they can prove to be a major health risk and breach hygiene legislation. If you work in or own a restaurant, canteen, pub, school or even just prepare a lot of food in your kitchen at home, a fly landing on any food can instantly cause contamination. All of our fine mesh fly screens are manufactured to the highest standards, with strong aluminium frames that have a durable coating to ensure long lasting external use – so you can rest-assured that your food will stay untouched and tasting great.

Our collection of screens can be used on doors and windows to block off any possible entrances, although the outside of your premises can also be a worrying area for flies to occupy and multiply in. The reasons for this stem from the fact that flies tend to congregate around dirt and rubbish – so another logical step to make sure you’re not affected by flies is to invest in prompt rubbish removal Birmingham.

Taking these steps should result in an affordable fly-free environment, so make the move towards busting your fly problems with PestBusters and seal your windows or doors with our highly-effective and easy to clean fly screens Birmingham.

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