If birds are causing a pest to your home or commercial property then there are few better deterrents
than bird spikes.

You can use bird spikes on roofs, gutters, ledges, walls and even on top of CCTV cameras – basically anywhere that birds like to congregate! Not only that, they also get the Royal seal of approval. The RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) recommend bird spikes as one of the best and safest bird deterrents available on the market. You can be rest assured that no harm is caused to the birds because they don’t actually come into contact with the spikes.

They work because birds find them difficult to land on. This ultimately stops them from roosting and gathering in large numbers. As a result of this, bird spikes are extremely popular in towns, city centres and coastal resorts where feral birds can be found in their thousands. Birds such as pigeons and seagulls are the usual suspects and they can cause a great deal of mess not to mention the noise problems. Bird spikes can stop birds like these gathering in large numbers on properties and also stop them from fouling the pavements and causing a general nuisance to the public.

The spikes on a bird spike stick outwards and upwards and they can be attached to a building either by glue or by nails and screws. They are available in a variety of different sizes and strengths depending upon the type of bird that you are trying to disperse.

The ideal bird proofing solution

Birds can be both a pleasure and a pain. They are beautiful to look at, interesting to watch and nobody wants to see any harm come to them. On the down side, some birds can cause a lot of damage, make a lot of noise and make a lot of mess which is unhygienic and unsightly. If we left them to their own devices our towns and cities would be overrun with bird control problems so bird spikes act as an extremely effective bird proofing solution.

Buildings don’t have to look ugly because they are adorned with bird spikes. At Total Bird Control we are able to install bird spikes in an inconspicuous and clean style so that you would barely notice that they are there.

If you have a bird control issue and need advice on the best type of bird spikes to use then we would be happy to help. Give us a call and we will be glad to advise you.

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