There is a time and place where you can really appreciate the flight of a bird. In their wild and natural habitat, there is nothing more divine than watching a bird glide fluently threw the air or gazing at a group of birds as they go about their routine.

But in and around the workplace, birds can become aggravating and unwanted guests. As they perch and nest on your building or property, they can begin to frustrate your employees, distract and disrupt productivity as well as increase the number of health and safety hazards.

Proven Techniques

Here at Total Bird Control, we are dedicated to dealing with the problem of pest control and bird proofing in Birmingham and the surrounding areas using the most effective and humane methods around. Operating domestically or commercially, our tried and tested techniques and procedures include the installation of bird spikes/ wire, bird netting as well as humane bird trapping.

Our methods have proven long-term and short term benefits, meaning that you can carry on with your day without the worry of pests. Our highly qualified and experienced technicians will be there to advise you on ways of improving the effectiveness of our installations, as well as how to look out for potential nesting/resting places within your surrounding environment.

But Why Would My Property Need Bird Proofing

The main problem when dealing with bird control is the hindrance and risk of contamination they cause. Many of us may have experienced the soul-destroying notion of being fouled on by an in-flight bird but if they choose to nest in your building, large amounts of harmful waste can build up. This can attract bacteria, cause external damage to the fabric of your building as well as make your building look unsightly.

By combating this contamination, you can eliminate the risk of infection as well as other health and safety risks that may arise.

So don’t run the risk of birds inhabiting the exterior and, in some cases, the interior of your residence by checking out our website for a full look at our range of bird proofing services, as well as other related pest control.

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