What are bird spikes and when would you use them?

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Pigeon spikes as a pigeon deterrent

Many people may not consider birds to be a pest but if you have a business or home that has been taken over by pest birds you will know the truth is very different. One tool in the battle to discourage pest birds from frequenting your property without causing them any harm is bird spikes…. Read more »

Is there a bird proofing solution for solar panels?

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Total Bird Control of Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, London, Nottingham and the UK

Solar panels are proving to be increasingly popular as they help to drive down electricity bills and provide greener energy; unfortunately they have also proved popular with certain species of birds. With their rooftop location solar panels can be a natural draw to birds. With a reasonably large expanse for birds to hide themselves under… Read more »

Dealing with bird waste on walkways

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Bird mess on public walkways can cause a serious problem as not only is it unpleasant to step in, left unchecked it can become a serious slip hazard.   Whether the walkway is privately owned and on a company’s grounds or a public access route, once the problem has been flagged up it really should… Read more »

What to do about sparrows nesting in your roof

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Sparrow control and removal in Great Britain

The sparrow is a bird of contradictions – to start with this small and friendly-looking species is surprisingly tough and adept at scaring away other birds and dominating garden feeders. In addition despite being one of the most popular and recognisable birds in the British garden, it is actually in such a state of decline… Read more »

How do spikes work as a bird deterrent?

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When seeking a solution to pest birds a humane approach should always be the first port of call. Culling birds is always seen as the last option when all other alternatives have been exhausted and there is a real threat to health. So how exactly do humane bird control methods work? The basic idea is… Read more »

Best Ways to Prevent Birds on the Roof

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Having problem birds such as pigeons or seagulls gathering on your roof in large numbers can be a big problem for home owners. The noise and damage they cause can be costly and unsightly so it pays to act quickly if you have a problem. Here are five great ways to prevent birds on your… Read more »

Bird Problems on my Balcony, what do I do?

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If you live in a property that has a balcony or work in a commercial premises with one, then having problem birds like pigeons or seagulls consistently perching on your balcony can be a real nuisance. If left unattended, they can cause quite a bit of damage and worse still, they may even decide to… Read more »

Bird Control Measures for Healthy Environment

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Total Bird Control offers a preventive measures for bird damage to the surroundings. Bird control measures include bird netting, bird Spikes and bird trapping to resolve bird problems. Hire the qualified professionals for a human control measure. For more information, Call or visit us online.

Why Bird Spikes are the Best Medicine for Bird Pests

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If birds are causing a pest to your home or commercial property then there are few better deterrents than bird spikes. You can use bird spikes on roofs, gutters, ledges, walls and even on top of CCTV cameras – basically anywhere that birds like to congregate! Not only that, they also get the Royal seal… Read more »