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Bird Control in York

Total Bird Control offers a comprehensive and professional service to deal with pest birds in York.

Our team of bird control experts will implement a reliable and effective solution to remove pest birds from your home or business.

Total Bird Control will visit your York property to establish a safe, effective and humane way to remove problem birds including pigeons, seagulls and starlings. Our service includes:

  • A survey of the property/ area
  • Risk assessment and report
  • Free quote
  • Proven and fast-acting solutions
  • Insurance
  • Expert support

Bird proofing measures

If you have a problem with a pest species of bird at your York home or business, taking fast action is essential before it escalates.

Pigeons, starlings and seagulls can be a serious nuisance; making a mess, creating noise and can also carry disease.

Although wild birds are protected by the law, there are effective measures that can be used to keep them away from your York property.

Bird proofing your home in York

As a busy tourist destination, and with a population sitting just below 200,000, York will be familiar with pest bird problems.

Drawn to an easy supply of a food and a ready choice of shelter, York will be an obvious choice for birds that dwell in urban centres, such as pigeons and, now, seagulls.

It is not only city centre businesses that will experience problems with nuisance birds though, the period properties and modern homes that surround the historic centre of York can just as easily suffer issues with pest birds.

Where property owners are frustrated by a pest bird problem swift and strong action is the best option.

Pigeon removal services

Pigeons thrive in tourist areas and homes and businesses in York will want to make sure they don’t experience the problem first-hand.

Putting in place preventative measures can be a sensible precaution if you are concerned, or in the event that you already have a problem with pigeons, Total Bird Control’s pigeon removal service will help.

Using techniques such as pigeon netting, spikes, wires and low-level voltage tracks, Total Bird Control can deter pigeons from roosting at a property or returning to it.

All of the pigeon removal methods used are safe and humane, requiring no additional maintenance.

Pest control services in York

As well as dealing with problem birds, Total Bird Control can also resolve other pest infestations in York.

Our team of pest control experts can identify and resolve problems with rats, mice, bed bugs, moths, flies, cockroaches and wasps.

Commercial pest control in York

A pest infection in a commercial property in York will need dealing with quickly and efficiently – especially in the tourism industry.

Total Bird Control will work with your business to tackle any pest problem, causing minimal disruption for a swift resolution.

Speak to the experts about bird control in York

If you have experienced a problem with nuisance birds, or need pest control in York, take fast, effective action with Total Bird Control.

For professional help to resolve bird infestations in York, contact us through our online form or by calling 020 8226 4012.

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