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Picture11-225x300Our Gardenbusters division has recently carried out large scale treeworks to remove dead and dying trees/tree limbs within a residential area of Bromsgrove, in order to make safe and protect the health and safety of residents, general public and nearby properties.

The work, which was completed over a one week period, was organised such that all felling/pruning was carried out on a Saturday, in order to minimise any health and safety risks to the general public.  All working areas were cordoned off for safety of the public, and ‘look-out’ ground staff were also put in place, to help prevent any unauthorised access to the working area.

A variety of trees were worked on, including a Scots Pine that was hanging over a public car park, which a ‘two man team’ brought down in sections.  A large dangerous limb was removed from a Beech tree and a Silver Birch was also pruned.  We were also requested to pollard a Lime tree which had been previously badly pruned. The debris from these trees was then removed over the following five days.

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Dave2-300x225Pestbusters celebrated 10 years in business this month and Managing DirectorDave Nash organised a staff Team building day which was followed by a Go Karting event.

The team building involved exercises which were organised by Kevin Parr of the PGS Team Ltd, together with ex Royal Marine Rob Bull from Extreme Evolution.   After some initial trepidation everyone relaxed into the exercises and good team camaraderie was enjoyed by all.

The Go Karting  event was great fun and finished with a Winners Race which was hard fought but eventually won by our Pestbusters Service Supervisor Mike Nash, closely followed by Jason Harris from ourGardenbusters Tree Surgery Team.  Third place went to Pestbusters Service Technician Keith Colwell.

At the celebrations after the event Darren Brough our General Manager presented Dave with a caricature painting of himself with his dog Jimmy on behalf of all The Busters Team staff, in recognition not only of his own personal achievement, in building Pestbusters into the successful company that it is today, but also as a big ‘thank you’ for his care and commitment to the personal development of all his employees.

Pestbusters now look forward to another successful 10 years in business as it continues to expand along withGardenbusters,Hygienebusters & Total Bird Control.

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At Garden Busters, we recognise the importance of using only qualified tree surgeons to administer any necessary tree surgery Birmingham. That’s why we only employ professional tree surgeons who have the knowledge and experience to assess your tree and carry out the most appropriate course of action. If you are worried your tree may be diseased, Garden Busters are on hand to help.

The common symptoms of tree disease include:

•    Abnormal coloured leaves
•    Spots on foliage
•    Deformed leaves
•    Leaves falling off prematurely
•    Wet, sticky substances leaking from the tree
•    Trunk decay
•    Wood made up of brown and green streaks underneath the bark

There are nearly 100 known tree diseases and symptoms vary between them. Rather than trying to diagnose and treat the tree yourself which can be a lengthy, expensive and dangerous process, call us for professional advice you can trust.

Using their vast knowledge and skill, our qualified tree surgeons can diagnose the problem and discuss possible treatment from pruning to fungicides. There will be cases where the diseased tree is too severe to treat. If this is the case the tree will need removing so as not to cause damage to other healthy trees and plants around it. You can rest assured that our team will safely and efficiently remove the tree, taking the time to ensure every measure is put in place to protect the area around it.

The treatment of diseased trees can involve using chemicals and sometimes machinery such as chainsaws. For this reason you should never try and resolve the problem yourself. Years of experience in handling toxic substances and machinery ensure that Garden Busters treat the problem with the professional experience and care that is absolutely necessary.

By choosing us, you are choosing to put your tree in the hands of a fully insured professional who has been approved by the nationally recognised awarding body, Lantra Awards so you are safe in the knowledge that our service is of the highest quality.

Our services are available throughout Birmingham although we also cover surrounding areas such as Warwick, Stratford, Leamington, Redditch, Kidderminster and Bromsgrove.

For safe, expert tree surgery Birmingham, contact us to arrange a free quote. Comprehensive site surveys with full written reports are available if required. Garden Busters is suitable for both commercial and domestic premises so we can fully cater to your individual requirements

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As more and more councils around the country begin to reduce the services they offer for pest control, there needs to be a professional team on hand to take over the mantle. Here at Pest Busters we are responding to this by providing all kinds of services for pest control Birmingham to make sure that you always have a reliable team to solve your pest infestation problem.

As one in ten councils cull the services they offer for pest control, whether that is through rodent control, the removal of insect infestation or bird control methods, you are assured that we are continuing with a full service and are moving forward with the techniques that we use.

As council budgets are cut, certain services have to be reined in to match. There is no such problem here at Pest Busters so whether you are a commercial or domestic property owner and are suffering from any kind of issue with pests, we can put the best course of action in place to effectively combat the problem.

We have a number of years experience in the industry and no job is too small for our knowledgeable team. So if you are suffering from a wasps nest in your back garden or are looking to install an innovative method for preventing birds landing and nesting on your commercial property, we have all the necessary tools, equipment and expertise to efficiently carry out the task in hand.

If you have been concerned that you may have nowhere to turn should you suffer a problem with pests, there is no need to worry. We at Pest Busters have a full catalogue of services for pest control Birminghamthat can effectively rid you of the problem and leave your property completely pest free. For additional information or to call upon our services feel free to give us a call and we’ll send our team out to you.

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DSCF0088-300x225In January we carried out a job to remove pigeon nests and eggs from under the eaves of the roof on a building in Solihull.  We then installed 9m x 4m of black pigeon netting to the roof using a mobile working platform in order to stop the pigeons from nesting and roosting in this area.

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Are you buildings plagued by the presence of unwelcome birds such as pigeons? If so, there’s no need to worry. Here at Total Bird Control, we are able to provide easy and effective bird control methods to make sure that unwanted birds leave your premises pristine and undisturbed. By introducing our simple bird proofing London techniques, you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that there won’t be any unexpected mess due to arrival of local birds.

Many building owners may be exposed to some form of bird-related troubles, and with so many negative implications associated with their arrival, it’s no wonder that some need to introduce solid methods to eradicate the problem.

The frequent arrival and departure of birds can begin to cause significant damage to the buildings themselves over time. Due to the acid which is contained within the droppings of pigeons and gulls, erosion may begin to develop, as well as car paintwork which may begin to become affected.

There are several different techniques which we are able to implement into your building to provide a successful deterrent to birds, which include;

•    Bird Capture
•    Wiring Systems
•    Scaring (with prey)
•    Bird Netting
•    Bird Spikes
•    Pigeon Control

Proofing methods such as spikes are a brilliant solution for stopping birds from landing on the building, due to the unpleasant surface which they create. We are able to advise you on the most appropriate spikes for your premises, as they are available in a number of different sizes and strengths. Post and wire provide similar results, as the tensioned wires provide an effective barrier to prevent birds from landing. If your building is experiencing an influx of seagulls, we are also able to offer humane trapping programs to reduce the problem.

If your building or premises is being affected by birds and you would like to do something about it, we can help. For expert advice on the most effective bird proofing London methods for your environment, contact one of our specialist team by completing our online contact form, for further information.

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DARREN BROUGH our Health, Safety & Operations Manager has been awarded the ‘Individual Category’ 2010 UK NATIONAL TRAINING AWARD for the West Midlands Region.

The National Training Awards recognises training, learning and development as a route to achieving outstanding organisational and personal success. Winning an Award provides a benchmark for standards of excellence in training throughout the  UK and is a recognition of best practice and personal progression.

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Flies are undoubtedly one of the most infuriating pests for both domestic and commercial properties. There are however, effective methods that you can put in place to prevent them entering your property, one of which being the introduction of screens for the windows. As a common point of entrance, installing a fly screen on the windows of your property is one of the simplest preventative methods that will see the best results. Here at Pest Busters we have a number of high quality products for those requiring fly screens Wolverhampton.

All of our fly screens are made using the most reliable and durable materials to ensure that you receive long lasting usage. With aluminium made frames with a resistant coating for external use alongside the fine mesh screen, you can effectively keep out the unwanted flies from your property.

For commercial properties such as restaurants, bars and pubs where the impact of flies is even more serious due to the diseases they carry, you can rest assured that all fly screens from us at Pest Busters are compliant with the latest hygiene legislations.

Furthermore, the easy to wipe clean surface means that you can regularly clean away any dead flies to maintain a hygienic and healthy environment to prepare and serve food.

Fly screens can be fitted over a wide variety of windows that may differ in their size and shape. With the ability to also fit over multiple opening windows, you can guarantee that you are doing your utmost to prevent flies from causing a problem in your property.

So, if you are plagued by flies and are looking for a cost effective method of preventing them entering into your property, a top of the range fly screen may well be the answer. To resolve your problem by purchasingfly screens Wolverhampton, simply get in touch with a member of the Pest Busters team via one of the methods on the ‘Contact Us’ page of our website.

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Winter may not bring the colour and vibrancy which spring and summer present, but that doesn’t mean that you should neglect your trees. By looking after your trees throughout the winter, you’ll be able to ensure that they are in the best condition to complement the green and blooming garden once the warmer season begins. As specialists in tree maintenance Birmingham, our team at Garden Busters are able to ensure that your trees are protected all throughout the winter, enabling them to remain resilient against the unforgiving weather conditions which they may be exposed to.

There are many things you can do to help your trees throughout the cold weather, and by taking small steps to look after them, you’ll be able to make sure they continue to look attractive within your garden or environment.

Through pruning your trees, you’ll be able to keep all branches in order and in good condition. As trees lose their leaves before the winter, now is the best time to efficiently prune them, as you’ll have the greatest visibility of their structure.  We are able to carry this out for you in a productive and professional manner, to leave your trees looking neat, tidy and healthy.

To help protect your trees against freezing temperatures, snow and frost, placing mulch around their base can ensure they stay unaffected by any adverse weather. We can provide all mulch, and make sure it is able to adequately protect your trees.

Large and unruly trees may experience too much strain during the winter due to a combination of animals gnawing at their branches, and the much colder weather. For those which present too much of a risk, we are able to safely fell these trees, leaving you with an organised landscape as we head into the spring.

In addition to these services, we are also able to provide logging, chipping, re-shaping, stump grinding and root removal for all environments. If your garden requires tree maintenance Birminghamthis Winter, our friendly and skilled team are able to help. Give us a call today, or complete our online contact form for more information or further advice.

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The arrival of birds can be an unwelcome presence within many environments. In commercial settings, particularly those who have direct interaction with customers, birds such as pigeons who choose to populate the area can provide an off-putting and unprofessional appearance for organisations looking to impress and draw in business. Luckily, our team at Total Bird Control are able to provide effective methods which can be put in place to stop birds from landing upon your premises. Through implementing our experience and knowledge, with the aid of deterrents such as bird spikes Bristol, you’ll be able to put an end to your bird related worries.

A flock of pigeon’s right outside a business may begin to repel potential customers, thus possibly reducing custom. This, along with the mess such birds make, presents a pesky and frustrating annoyance for the site owner.

As their name suggests, bird spikes create an unpleasant and uncomfortable surface to land upon, thus encouraging birds to go and land elsewhere. We are able to install this simple and effective solution into your premises, preventing birds from landing and roosting. They can be either glued to the surface, or directly attached by using nails or screws.

The spikes which we are able to provide are available in a range of different strengths and sizes, to cater for varying sizes of birds. These can be chosen depending on the types of birds which you most regularly encounter problems with, to offer the most suitable and effective solution. If you are unsure of which type of system will benefit you most, then we are able to help by listening to your requirements, and using our knowledge and expertise within bird deterrent methods to suggest the most successful solutions.

As a flexible solution with the versatility to be installed into all surfaces and areas, bird spikes Bristol offer the ideal answer for all businesses looking to rid their premises from unwelcome birds. If you would like to find out more about the excellent services which we are able to offer, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our helpful team.