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Rats are a common problem for many home owners and it’s well known that they carry diseases, including Salmonella, Weil’s Disease and Rat Bite Fever. But did you know that rats can exert a pressure of 7,000 lbs per square inch with their incisors and are capable of biting through steel? Fortunately here at Pest Buster we are and we have experience in humane rat removal Coventry for domestic, industrial and commercial clients.

Whether it’s a lone ranger searching for scraps of food or a group of nesting rats under your cupboards, our fully trained and qualified team at Pest Busters have years of experience and we use the most effective and humane techniques and methods each time to make sure all traces of intruders are removed and quickly eliminated. We also seal any likely areas for nesting, so the pesky vermin don’t return.

Here at Pest Busters, no job is too small for us and we urge home and business owners to get in touch even if they only suspect there may be a rat problem. We are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week because we understand the importance of keeping your houses and businesses rat free, whatever the time or day. Once we’ve quickly and discreetly removed the problem, we’ll give you peace of mind by providing a full report detailing the action taken and a prognosis for the future.

You may have noticed gnaw marks on your skirting boards or doors, foot prints and tail rubs in dusty areas, unexplained dark smears and marks against your walls or a distinctive musky odour and droppings on your floor. If so, and you want to take advantage of our humane rat removal Coventry then contact one of our friendly team today.

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Birds can often pose a particular nuisance to many homes and businesses. Many people choose to tolerate such frustration, as they are unaware of the effective measures which can be taken. Here at Total Bird Control however, we can offer sanctuary from the unfortunate implications of unwelcome birds, with our wide range of bird control London methods. People everywhere can finally be free from the risks associated with their presence, and enjoy the benefits of a bird free environment.

There are numerous advantages to ensuring sufficient bird control methods are in place. The droppings of pigeons and gulls can spread diseases, such as Salmonella, E.Coli and Ornithosis, which can prove dangerous to anyone who may come into contact with them. The droppings also contain acid, which can cause damage to vehicles and buildings if left for any length of time. Air conditioning and ventilation systems can also become easily contaminated, leading to enhanced health risks.

Depending on the environment, and the specific problems which you are experiencing, you may find that some control measures are more beneficial than others.

Bird and pigeon netting prevent birds from passing through an area. Also highly unpleasant to land or perch upon, you will find that the implementation of such netting will soon lead to a significant decrease in bird presence.

Spikes and post and wire present an excellent solution for those looking to prevent birds from landing on a specific area. Their protrusive nature of spikes make the surface difficult and uncomfortable to land on, thus stopping roosting, whilst the tensioned wires provide a barrier to stop birds landing beneath, on the given surface.

With many more services, such as bird trapping and decontamination available, we at Total Bird Control can prevent and protect you and your property for good, with our effective bird control London.

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Any kind of pest which invades your home is never pleasant. Despite the nasty thought of rodents or insects plaguing your personal living space, comes the frightening health implications. Pests such as rats can harbour diseases which can spread quickly if they are not swiftly removed. Here at Pest Busters, we rid your home of nasty pests quickly and effectively. Our knowledge and expertise enable us to use the most effective methods and techniques first time around, to ensure all trace of intruders are quickly eliminated, making our pest control Coventry one of the most reliable services around.

If you’re worried that you may have a rodent infestation, but are not sure what to look for, there are several signs which may point to the confirmation of a rodent problem. Look out for gnaw marks on doors and skirting boards, and droppings and footprints. If you are concerned about any possible rodent issue, then fear not, we can look over the area and establish if there are any traces of rodent activity. We’ll then be able to track down the cause and quickly and discreetly rid your home of any unwelcome visitors.

Insects, flies and birds can also be an issue in some household and commercial properties. We have a range of humane methods to prevent and eliminate such nuisances, such as fly screening and insecticidal sprays. A simple method of keeping insects at bay also includes regular cleaning and dusting. Our bird control systems include pigeon netting and avistrand bird wire, which all offer an effective solution to deter pesky birds.

For fast and reliable pest control Coventry, we at Pest Busters are perfect for the job. As we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you never need worry about having to tolerate pests in your home or business again.

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Most of us have accepted the abundance of pigeons and other pest birds which congregate in and round urban areas nationwide. While unsightly and unpleasant, shoppers ignore birds as far as is possible. However, this is probably due to a lack of knowledge regarding the problems that pigeons cause, and property owners can’t afford to remain in the dark concerning the damage being done to their building. Here at Total Bird Control we operate in bird control Bristol and nationwide. This enables us to be in a position to offer useful information regarding just how harmful pest birds can be.

Here at Total Bird Control we maintain that dropping removal is absolutely essential for legal, hygiene and reputation related reasons. First and foremost, if there are pigeons nesting on your property then you’ll probably notice soiling of and damage to the building’s walls and any vehicle paintwork that comes into contact with droppings. Due to acid found in the faeces, paint can be damaged and wall surfaces can deteriorate.

This however is often the least disruptive consequence of an infestation. Droppings on the ground near your property could cause a member of the public to slip and fall, which, aside from the obvious harm to the individual, can occasionally lead to expensive lawsuits.

Higher up in the property and birds gaining access to the roof space can soil water tanks and air conditioning systems with their droppings. The health risks associated with this are extreme – droppings contain harmful bacterium such as E.Coli, and can pass on diseases such as Salmonella and Ornithosis.

The experienced team here at Total Bird Control can offer a dropping removal service which prevents these, and other associated issues from occurring. We will remove all waste quickly and discreetly, so that your home or business’ reputation doesn’t suffer. For these and accompanying bird control Bristol services, get in touch online or over the phone.

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Is your lawn overgrown? Are weeds dominating the once blooming clusters of flowers and shrubbery? Whatever your garden issues, we at Garden Busters will be able to restore your garden into a tranquil Eden once again. We offer a diverse and comprehensive service across many areas of garden maintenance Redditch, including mowing, weeding, cutting, trimming, pruning and planting. Whatever services you require, we’ll be able to deliver the results you want, and with both domestic and commercial services catered for, our expertise are not limited to any area under any circumstance.

Unlike regular garden maintenance companies, we’ll do more than simply turn up and complete the job. We’ll take the time to conduct a full site survey, often including a written report if necessary. By evaluating the situation, we can devise the best solution for your land and premises based on your individual requirements and specifications. Often it’s useful just to receive friendly expert advice as to the best course of action to take. This is also something which we’ll be able to offer, as we pride ourselves in our personal service and unique approach.

Although we will carry out a top standard of maintenance work, gardens and weeds within it grow back, so it’s important to keep on top of the important work which we will have undertaken. If this is too bigger task for you to undertake yourself, we can offer garden maintenance Redditch service agreements, so that your garden can remain in its best condition at all times.

For complete satisfaction for all areas of your garden, look to an industry specialist to carry out your essential garden maintenance Redditch. With numerous years of experience across all areas of the garden industry, you’ll be able to receive not only an expert service, but also a personable one, which will leave you wondering how you ever coped without us.

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During the summer flies can become a real pest, particularly for those working in the hospitality industry. Not only can they discourage customers from sitting outside and enjoying a leisurely meal, but they are also extremely unhygienic. There are 3.5 million disease carrying bacteria that a fly can transport and they can transmit approximately 30 diseases to man – any health conscious restaurant owner’s worst nightmare. Fortunately, as suppliers of the Viper fly killer Birmingham, we at Pest Busters offer a range of fly control solutions.

Before supplying any equipment to our clients, we like to ensure that they observe a few essential rules, these are checked during an initial survey of the property. These include not leaving food lying around, not leaving decaying items out, checking that all bins have tight fitting lids and checking the drainage in damp areas.

Once we have assessed the property, our team will be able to suggest the most appropriate fly control solutions. At present we can supply fly screens, insecticides, fly papers, fly traps and UV fly killers, which are ideal for use in commercial premises. We supply three varieties of fly killers, the Viper, Cobra and the Liberator.

The Viper is very popular for use in restaurants, bars and canteens, due to its reliability and competitive price. It has a high UV output with 2 x 15 watt UVA tubes, this attracts flies to the Viper. Available in white or stainless steel its design can be streamlined with the kitchen and it can be mounted on the wall, ceiling or it can be free-standing.

As a specialist fly killer Birmingham, we are sure that we will be able to find the very best fly control solution for your businesses requirements. If you would like our team to visit you, just call the number on our site or fill out our enquiry form.

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Pest pigeons can be found in virtually every town centre, retail park or urban area across the UK. Where there is a proliferation of discarded foodstuff, pigeons congregate to feed off waste and roost, but this can lead to problems for property owners. Commercial businesses especially will find that customers are discouraged by unsightly premises which are heavily soiled by fouling and the visible presence of feral pigeons. If this sounds like a problem which is a little too close to home, Total Bird Control offer solutions. The most effective option available for your property could be pigeon spikes Birmingham.

As the name suggests, pigeon spikes are metal spikes which can be installed on flat surfaces on the roofs of taller buildings. When the pigeon or similar sized pest bird comes to land on the surface, the spikes prevent it from doing so by offering only pain and discomfort.

Not only does this mean that birds don’t congregate on and around your property during the day, it also prevents them from settling there during the night. Once they have settled and begun to roost/breed, it can be more difficult to deter pigeon populations from a property.

Here at Total Bird Control, we’ve considered every aspect of the solutions that we offer. One thing we recognised was the fact that bird spikes might be considered unsightly by property owners. Home owners or flat inhabitants might find that they ruin the aesthetics of the building, while commercial businesses might complain that custom was being affected.

Therefore the Total Bird Control team now supply and install pigeon spikes Birmingham and elsewhere which are specifically designed to be inconspicuous, discreet and aesthetically neutral. If you’re unsure about the effects of bird spikes mentioned here, either positive or negative, why not get in touch with a member of our helpful and professional team?

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Often trees which have been planted can grow to an unexpected size, and begin to cause problems to the growth of other surrounding trees or plants, jeopardising their health. This can be an annoying problem to say the least, especially if thousands of pounds have been spent creating the perfect idyllic garden. Whatever your tree-related gripe, we have the skills and methods to rectify such problematic cases. As specialists in tree removal Redditch, we can remove large trees which may pose a threat to a non-professional.

It could be that a tree has branched out to such an extent that the view behind it is no longer visible, and needs to be restored in order for the beautiful panorama to once again be revealed for all to enjoy. As tree removal Redditch requires specialist equipment and safety precautions, it should not be attempted by an amateur. Here at Garden Busters, through using our skills and expertise, we can remove trees of all sizes safely and professionally.

With many years of experience in the gardening sector, we can provide a friendly and prompt service to fix any tree problems and remove any which may be causing a hindrance or any type of danger. Before we begin work we’ll conduct a fully comprehensive site survey, and will offer the best options based around your needs. You’ll be provided with a personal service, and given expert advice to make sure the best solution is devised for the issue at hand.

Any trees which pose a problematic or dangerous issue should be handled with care by experts. As industry specialists, we at Garden Busters have the ability to effectively conduct tree removal Redditch in a safe and professional manner whilst offering great value for money and impeccable service.

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Esme-Road-21-300x225This property had been vacant for many years and at some point a small window at the front of the building had become broken. This provided an access point into the building for pigeons.

The building had also previously sustained a leak in the roof, which resulted in the ceiling becoming damaged and provided pigeons with a place to roost.

Over time other parts of the ceiling had also become damaged, which resulted in the property becoming littered with pigeon droppings and nesting materials.

Esme-Road-32-300x225Due to problems with the pigeons, a decision was made to remove the ceilings and debris in one go.

A full disinfectant spray was carried out prior to the work taking place, thus ensuring a safe working environment for our trained staff to carry out the required work.

The ceiling was then removed and all exposed droppings, nesting materials and waste was removed and disposed of via sealed skips for Health & Safety reasons.

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000_02342-225x300In June we carried out a biocidal disinfectant spray treatment and removed bulk pigeon fouling and contaminates from balconies (including eggs, nests, droppings and chicks).

This helped to maintain a safe working environment for building contractors who were working on site carrying out essential maintenance.

A further disinfectant spray was carried out when all contaminates had been removed.

This was followed by the supply and installation of a 50 metre x 3 metre white sparrow net, to the light well area of the flats via the use of scaffolding.