Bird proofing solutions for solar panels

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Solar panels can be an excellent investment into your home but be aware of the need for bird proofing to help protect your investment.  

Solar panels have grown rapidly in popularity over recent years and are a common sight on homes and commercial buildings – but they are also popular with the bird population.   Read more »

Seagull Pest Control UK

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Over the past 10 years the problem with seagulls appears to have increased as these large birds get ever more confident.  

In particular the last few years have seen an escalation of the problem with the need for bird control to take action becoming increasingly evident.  

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Bird netting services

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Part of the battle in controlling pest birds on your property is deterring them from visiting in the first place and bird netting is ideal for this.

If your property is in an area that has a problem with pest birds – or the potential for a problem – then taking preventative action makes sense.

A useful way of helping to control birds when they have become established on a property; bird netting is also an excellent way to help to avoid Read more »

Pigeon spikes as a pigeon deterrent

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Many people may not consider birds to be a pest but if you have a business or home that has been taken over by pest birds you will know the truth is very different.

One tool in the battle to discourage pest birds from frequenting your property without causing them any harm is bird spikes.

Bird spikes are, exactly as you would expect, spikes of metal that are designed to get rid of pest birds.

Made out of either plastic or metal, bird spikes might actually appear more likes wires attached to a plastic strip than actual spikes.

These are attached to roofs, window sills and the ledges and edges of buildings as Read more »

Total Bird Control of Birmingham

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Solar panels are proving to be increasingly popular as they help to drive down electricity bills and provide greener energy; unfortunately they have also proved popular with certain species of birds. With their rooftop location solar panels can be a natural draw to birds. With a reasonably large expanse for birds to hide themselves under it is not necessarily surprising that they are more than happy to make their home underneath solar panels.

Why would you need bird proofing on a solar panel?

Once in place solar panels should largely take care of themselves, however, Read more »

pigeon trapping

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The ideal solution in controlling pest birds is to naturally encourage them to move away from the site but when a serious problem persists bird trapping may be the only option.

There are occasions when birds do pose a serious risk to human health and in these cases landlords have no option but to act. Problems include unhygienic bird droppings, excessive noise, nuisance to people and damage to Read more »

Pest Birds and Seagulls on a table

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Well known for their fearless ability to swoop in and steal food from the hands of tourists seagulls can be a real problem to food retailers and tourism spots throughout the year.

Freshly served ice-cream cones, picnic sandwiches or fish and chips – these natural scavengers are not picky about the choice of foods and will strike at every opportunity.

If you are operating a tourist attraction, cafe or restaurant in an area that is frequented by seagulls, bird control can be a real problem – and could ultimately threaten your trade.

While takeaway diners can always run for cover, a better solution is to take steps to deter the birds from visiting your property, or making it their home, through efficient bird control

Seagull spikes in particular are an efficient form of bird control that can help to deter these pest birds to make life more comfortable for Read more »

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Bird mess on public walkways can cause a serious problem as not only is it unpleasant to step in, left unchecked it can become a serious slip hazard.

bird spikes and pigeon spikes


Whether the walkway is privately owned and on a company’s grounds or a public access route, once the problem has been flagged up it really should be dealt with.

While the laws on public liability are wide ranging, it is certainly the case that if you run a company that includes an outside area it makes sense on every level to make sure that it safe.

Bird mess is usually of little consequence, but it becomes a real problem when you have large numbers of pest birds making Read more »