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Bird Control Bristol

Pigeon Control Solutions in Bristol

Looking for a professional and experienced bird and pigeon control specialist in the Bristol area? Total Bird Control Bristol’s offices offer a free survey and quotations service and our team of specialists provide a variety of cost-effective and practical bird and pigeon control solutions.

Being part of The Busters Group, we have offices throughout the UK and cover Bristol and surrounding areas.

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Bird Netting In Bristol

Offering a wide variety of pigeon, seagull and bird control options in Bristol, from bird netting to bird spikes, bird proofing and more, our team of specialists cover it all.

Control methods such as bird netting are essential, as failing to address bird problems can prove very costly. Results of failing to seriously address bird proofing can include:

Resulting Health Issues – Diseases such as E. Coli, Salmonella and Ornithosis are all caused by bird droppings that are left untreated.

Insect Infestations – Bird nesting attracts associated bird insects. These can include biting insects, fleas, bird mites, ticks, and lice which all bring with them further issues.

Damage to Buildings – Droppings are extremely acidic. When droppings are left untreated on stonework and buildings they can cause significant damage and corrosion. Droppings can also strip paintwork from cars in a relatively short amount of time if left untreated.

Slippery Surfaces – Droppings left untreated on pavements, fire escapes and surfaces are extremely slippery when wet, creating a significant health hazard.

Water Contamination – If water sources are contaminated the bacteria can easily spread, especially in today’s modern office environments, via air conditioning systems. This rapidly increases the spread of bacteria and resulting sickness.

Gutter Overflowing – Gutters are easily blocked up by droppings and other debris that birds cause. This often results in an overflow and leaking problem, potentially causing damage to walls and roofing.

Noise Disturbance – Birds are noisy by their nature, and this is amplified when they are trapped in confined spaces such as lofts and roof spaces.

Company Reputation Damage – The nuisance of birds being nested in and around property, causing disturbance and littering a site with droppings, can damage customer relations.

Food Hygiene Act – Under the Food Safety Act 1990 fines can be issued if Health & Safety inspectors find bird nesting or activity on a premises. It is a requirement of law that any bird nesting issues are addressed.
Bird Control Bristol
Bird Control Bristol
Bird Control Bristol

Humane Bird Control Methods

We have humane methods of bird, pigeon and seagull control that can suit all situations. Our control methods include:

Bird Spikes Systems

Bird spikes come in easily adaptable strips that can be fitted to exteriors of buildings, including windowsills and ledges. We stock a range of bird spikes that can be either glued or nailed to a property, for maximum versatility and ease of installation.

Pigeon Spikes Systems

Pigeon spikes are nearly identical in design and build to bird spikes, except they are built to take more weight and strain that is caused by pigeons. This method of deterrent is one of the most humane methods of addressing pigeon perching, with pigeon spikes even being recommended by the RSPB.

Bird Control Specialists in Bristol

Total Bird Control cover Bristol and the surrounding areas. Just contact our bird control specialists today to find out what we can do for you, and to arrange a free quotation. We will be happy to survey your site, offer you pigeon and bird proofing advice, and are confident we can offer the best bird control quote you will receive.


Bristol is Britain’s eighth largest city, with a population of over 420,000 and is located 105 miles west of London. Famous for its Cathedral and harbour, the city is one of Britain’s most historic, originating from the 11th Century.

With many famous landmarks including Brunel’s Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol Cathedral and The Cabot Tower, the city is a popular tourist attraction. Located in the South West of England it is just 24 miles east of Cardiff.

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