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Bird Trapping

In specific circumstances, a bird removal program may need to be planned and carried out. Total Bird Control always use professional trapping methods that are judged to minimise distress to birds, avoid public attention and comply with pest and bird control law.

Bird traps can be an effective solution for short-term reduction of bird populations. We have a variety of designs that can deal with the capture of birds such as pigeons and they provide a humane approach to their capture.

Our traps are designed to be strong and durable, provide a humane solution and some of the traps can cater for 1 bird or several birds. They can be used in a variety of locations including on the ground, on the sides of buildings, on walls, and in trees depending on the bird species that needs to be captured. 

Virtually all bird traps need to be baited with the appropriate food to attract the bird species that needs to be caught. The positioning of the traps is crucial to a successful capture and at Total Bird Control we have many years experience in knowing the best place to locate the traps. 

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Cage Trap for Trapping Pigeons

A suitable area is identified in which to site the trap that is easy to access and which is considered to be in an area of high pigeon activity. Other criteria, such as finding a site that is not overlooked, is equally important as some members of the general public may find the sight of trapped birds a little distressing. The cage trap is then baited with pigeon corn or a similar food source for approximately 7 days, allowing pigeons’ free access to enter the trap, feed and then exit the trap. This process is designed to make the birds feel safe whilst feeding within the trap so that after 7 days when the trap is set, the maximum number of birds will be caught.

The trap has a two-way door which, when set, allows the pigeon to enter the trap but not to exit it. When the trap is set it contains both food and water and the trap is then visited once a day, any birds within the trap are removed and humanely dispatched on site. If Pigeons were to be re-released at another location they would almost certainly return to the same nesting site where they have just been trapped, thus rendering the process a waste of time and money for the customer.

Professional Advice

For professional advice about implementing a humane bird removal program using bird traps then please contact Total Bird Control and speak to one of our specialist team.

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