bird proofing spikes

Bird Proofing – Spikes

Bird spikes provide excellent bird proofing by making surfaces hard or unpleasant to land on, therefore preventing roosting. Usually made from a plastic basing, they comprise of metal spikes that stick outwards and upwards. Bird spikes are attached to a building, being glued to a surface or fixed directly by nails or screws. Bird and pigeon spikes come in a variety of sizes and strengths for a range of bird types. Total Bird Control can give advice on which system is suitable in your situation.

Typically bird spikes can be used on walls, ledges, roofs, gutters, on top of CCTV cameras and commercial signs and work effectively as a deterrent for birds perching on the surfaces. No harm comes to the birds because they don’t actually come into contact with the spikes. This is why bird spikes are recommended as one of the best bird deterrents by the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds).

The use of bird spikes is popular in town and city centres and also on the coast where feral birds can congregate in large numbers. The spikes help in dispersing the numbers and keep them from causing a nuisance to the public.

Bird Spikes provide extremely effective bird proofing and protection. Bird and pigeon spikes are usually easily seen from a ground level. At Total Bird Control however we are conscious of this and so install bird spikes in an inconspicuous and clean style which increases the aesthetic look significantly. Being extremely flexible they are perfect for uneven and irregular areas, and work well where other bird deterrent systems are not possible.

Total Bird Control have carried out several bird Proofing works for our company…our clients have been extremely pleased with the efficiency and quality of works completed.
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Bird & Pigeon Proofing – Post & Wire

A post and wire system is made of several wires strung between stainless steel posts. The tensioned wires provide a barrier that stops birds from landing on the surface underneath. Because the system includes shock absorbing springs it is a very resilient to damage. The give in the wires also creates an uncomfortable moving platform for birds, resulting in an effective bird and pigeon control proofing system. Like spikes, the posts can be glued or fixed with nails or screws into the surface.

Bird wire acts as an effective solution for preventing birds like seagulls, crows and pigeons landing and causing a nuisance. You will tend to find bird wire being used on the edge of rooftops, window sills, parapets, beams, pipes, balustrades and they are frequently used to protect historic buildings and stately homes.

Total Bird Control supply, install and maintain a range of effective, unobtrusive and humane systems designed to safeguard buildings and working environments.