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Bird Decontamination

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If birds enter buildings and go unnoticed, large amounts of fouling and associated waste can build up. Heavy infestations on external areas of buildings create large amounts of fouling and make buildings look unsightly. The fouling is also very acidic and causes damage to the fabric of buildings, which in turn leads to higher cleaning and repair bills. 

Seagulls and pigeons are very often the cause of large infestations, especially in urban areas. These birds can produce large amounts of droppings and, if left untreated, can bring rise to health problems.


“Total Bird Control were selected to supply and fit some netting to our rear service yard. It was such a complex job we were worried if it could be done, however when it was completed it was amazing”

The dangers of decontamination

Typical health problems associated with this include:

Ornithosis – this is the process of organisms that are found in birds being passed to humans. These organisms are found in bird droppings, feathers and nesting material and can be passed to humans through inhaling contaminated dust.

All sorts of insects can be found in bird nesting areas. Typical examples include lice, fleas, flies, ticks and mites. All of these can cause health issues if they come into contact with humans.

Birds can also spread diseases like salmonella and pick up diseases from farms, sewage plants and contaminated foods. In order to overcome these issues, its better to opt bird control services.

Clearing sites where there are significant amounts of bird droppings, bird carcasses, feathers, nesting material etc is hazardous and unpleasant work which is often carried out in precarious parts of a building such as a loft space. These areas tend to be fairly high, cramped and enclosed so it makes sense to bring in professionals rather than tackle the problem yourself. If you have a bird decontamination problem that needs dealing with then contact us now to get professional advice.

Total Bird Control’s teams decontaminate and treat fouling with insecticide and biocide prior to removal, thereby reducing the risk of disease transmission. This work is normally completed prior to installing bird proofing to the areas of infestation.

Cleaning bird droppings and pigeon dropping removal is a job that should be carried out by trained specialists. Employing a reputable bird, pigeon and seagull control company like Total Bird Control gives you peace of mind that you are hiring a professional company that is fully compliant with all current legislation.

A large accumulation of bird droppings on or around a building can give a very negative impression and suggest that the property is not appropriately maintained. It can also potentially cause a health hazard to people who come into contact with the property so we advise you to act quickly if you have a bird contamination issue.

All the pesticides that we use in the control/treatment of fouling are selective and applied to ensure safety. We also take method statements and risk assessments before we commence any decontamination work. 

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