bird control information


At Total Bird Control we know the problems that certain birds can cause. Seagulls, pigeons, crows etc can cause significant environmental and building damage as well as spreading disease so in the event of a bird control problem it is very important that a humane and effective method of removing or preventing the problem is introduced.

We have a range of measures such as bird spikes, bird netting and bird traps which are specifically designed to counteract bird control problems and we have significant expertise in bird decontamination.

Over the years we have assisted many clients with our bird control services and this has helped prevent infestation, avoid damage to property, and stop the spread of disease. We have also assisted in many clean-up operations and restored business as usual for industrial and commercial property owners.

We have always found your operatives to be pro-active and knowledgeable…on several occasions you have gone far beyond what would be considered “your remit”

In the event of a bird control problem it is essential that professional bird control products are used that do not cause any harm to the birds, or any other animal for that matter. We would advise against dealing with a significant bird problem yourself because this could be potentially dangerous and may also be illegal if you are not sure about the laws surrounding bird protection.

At Total Bird Control we possess all the relevant licenses to carry out humane bird control services. We operate throughout the UK and have built a strong reputation for the effectiveness of our methods and our professionalism. For advice about any aspect of Bird Control please speak to one of our specialist team.