Darren shines at the National Training Awards

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DARREN BROUGH our Health, Safety & Operations Manager has been awarded the ‘Individual Category’ 2010 UK NATIONAL TRAINING AWARD for the West Midlands Region. The National Training Awards recognises training, learning and development as a route to achieving outstanding organisational and personal success. Winning an Award provides a benchmark for standards of excellence in training throughout… Read more »

Fly Screens for Windows Wolverhampton

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Flies are undoubtedly one of the most infuriating pests for both domestic and commercial properties. There are however, effective methods that you can put in place to prevent them entering your property, one of which being the introduction of screens for the windows. As a common point of entrance, installing a fly screen on the… Read more »

A Guide to Winter Tree Maintenance in Birmingham

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Winter may not bring the colour and vibrancy which spring and summer present, but that doesn’t mean that you should neglect your trees. By looking after your trees throughout the winter, you’ll be able to ensure that they are in the best condition to complement the green and blooming garden once the warmer season begins…. Read more »

Bird Deterrent Spikes in Bristol

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The arrival of birds can be an unwelcome presence within many environments. In commercial settings, particularly those who have direct interaction with customers, birds such as pigeons who choose to populate the area can provide an off-putting and unprofessional appearance for organisations looking to impress and draw in business. Luckily, our team at Total Bird… Read more »