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Keep your balcony and terrace views free from pigeons

how to keep pigeons away from balcony

How to keep pigeons away from your balcony

Having a bird’s eye view is wonderful, especially when you are spending more time at home, however, if birds actually decide to take up residence on your balcony or terrace you will need to take action.

By their nature, balconies and terraces can become a natural attraction to some birds, offering shelter from the elements – and sometimes food too.

how to keep pigeons away from balconyWhile for some homeowners feeding the birds and spotting different species close up is a source of joy, this can also attract unwanted, pest birds, particularly pigeons, to visit in larger numbers.

When are birds a problem on balconies and terraces?

The close proximity that balconies and terraces have to the interior of homes means that any pest birds that may be attracted to them are also closer to your home.

Many people will feel uncomfortable being in close proximity to birds and their presence alone can deter people from using their balcony and even make it feel out of bounds.

More problematic though are the health risks, mess and noise. The most common problems include:

  • Large numbers of birds roosting
  • Excessive noise
  • Unsightly bird faeces
  • Risk of disease (especially from droppings)

So while you should not be too concerned about the odd pigeon stopping by, any signs of nest building or repeat visits should be met with prompt action.

However, as with all pests, prevention is the best protection against pest birds.

Bird control measures for balconies and terraces

keep pigeons away from balcony ukPutting in place bird control solutions specifically for balconies and terraces is the best way to protect them from pest birds.

Bird control solutions for balconies and terraces will act as a deterrent to birds that are looking for a place to roost. These usually take the form of spikes or netting that work by making the area inhospitable.

Any pigeons landing on an area where these are in place is unlikely to stay and will quickly move on.

As balconies and terraces remain in view, low key bird deterrents that are specifically designed for these outdoor areas are ideal.

While some of the deterrents may be visible once in place it is important to prevent birds roosting in the first place as disturbing a nest is against the law.

The law also extends to protecting birds from harm so it is important that no matter how frustrating you may find the arrival of pigeons on your balcony you do not take matters into your own hands.

When dealing with a problem with pest birds it is always advisable to take advice from a professional bird control service. Total Bird Control can offer support in putting in place specialist bird deterrents and clearing up areas that have been inhabited by birds in line with health and safety regulations.

If you have experienced problems in the past with pest birds landing on your balcony or terrace, Total Bird Control will be able to assist you in putting in place strong deterrents to help to prevent a problem from occurring, or reoccurring.

Find out how Total Bird Control can help to keep your balcony or terrace free from pigeons or other pest birds – get in contact today.

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