In any city centre, one of the most common sights you are likely to see is a large flock of pigeons. These birds can cause mayhem for both shop and homeowners as they are likely to nest, land or perch on any roofs, balconies or alcoves that they can find. Causing mess and general annoyance, you could be forgiven for thinking there was no way of preventing this from happening to you. However thanks to our innovative pigeon netting Birmingham here at Total Bird Control, you can remove the problem once and for all.

The netting is designed to ensure that there is no way that birds such as pigeons can fit through it. With it also providing an unpleasant location for pigeons to land and perch on, the aim here at Total Bird Control is for them to have no choice but to go elsewhere to land and nest.

The netting is made of nylon that is then fitted to a pre tensioned wire rope frame. This can then be installed across the whole roof of your property and is highly effective at blocking access to favoured spots such as balconies and recesses that are difficult to protect against using other techniques. If viewed head on, the netting looks highly inconspicuous so will have no affect on the appearance of your property.

Netting is fixed in place using a variety of methods to ensure reliability and a long lasting, effective solution to removing pigeons from your property. Masonry bolts and clamping are two of the most common methods of keeping your netting in place, with additional support structures constructed when extra netting is required.

If pigeons are causing problems at your property, now is the time to invest in a method for keeping them away. To remove the threat of them nesting, landing and perching on your building, pigeon netting Birmingham from us at Total Bird Control is guaranteed to provide a long lasting, permanent solution.

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