When you are in charge of keeping a commercial property in sound condition, there are many aspects you will need to consider, from implementing security systems through to ensuring the aesthetic appeal of the building. Bird proofing Solihull is certainly a necessary measure for many reasons and here at Total Bird Control, we are on hand to discuss the many methods of keeping birds away whilst explaining why it is imperative such measures are undertaken.

A commercial property can often suffer from the damage that birds can cause, especially when constructed in built-up locations such as town and city centres. Not only can their droppings be corrosive to the property’s exterior, birds are also known to spread a host of diseases. It is because of this that bird proofing is so important; continue on as we explore the different kinds of bird proofing available.

To stop birds roosting at your commercial property, spikes are widely regarded as an effective method as they stick outwards and upwards to make an uncomfortable landing platform for birds, encouraging them to roost elsewhere. The spikes are affixed to the building which can cause an eyesore to passers-by; however we are very aware of this and strive to make them as inconspicuous as possible.

Tension wires together with posts provide a barrier between your property and the birds; therefore they are another way of effectively reducing the amount of birds that roost at your commercial premises and cause damage to the area.

From solicitors Solihull to bars, restaurants and large purpose built offices, ensure your commercial property remains free from the damage that birds can cause by calling our professional team for expert advice and effective deterrents.

To find out more regarding the range of bird proofing Solihull we at Total Bird Control are able to implement, why not search our website today or contact us directly on 0121 695 9076? We assure you of an efficient and proactive response that never fails to impress.

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