As the myth may suggest, not all birds fly south for the winter. For some birds, the autumn and winter period can be their most active and important as they nest and feed to survive the cold months, and seeing them in their natural habitat can be one of Mother Nature’s wonders.

But birds can become a nuisance very quickly should they choose to nest on your building or facility. Here at Total Bird Control, we specialise in bird proofing in Birmingham, as well as nationwide from our offices based in Birmingham, Bristol, London and Manchester. We humanely and safely deal with pigeon and bird related problems, including protecting your building from damage as well as reducing possible health risks from their presence.

Effective and Efficient

Our methods are the most cost efficient and environmentally friendly ways in which to deal with your bird problems. With solutions such as bird spikes and wiring to prevent our feathered friends from roosting, as well as pigeon netting to protect those alcoves and balconies that provide the perfect perch, we offer the complete package.

We offer our services both commercially and domestically and are dedicated to providing a quick-response as well as an effective solution. Ensuring minimal distress and public attention, we comply with the Bird Controls Guidelines, allowing you peace of mind in terms of our service and our methods.

Why is it important?

• Reduces health hazards and chance of accidents
• Prevents damage to building
• Deals with contamination and fouling
• Ensures your reputation is not lost

To protect your home or building from becoming a nesting-ground for our winged-companions, contact Total Bird Control today either by phone or through our website by filling out a contact form.

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