There are many advantages to living in a large city with a vibrant lifestyle and the luxury of ultimate convenience, however, city living can bring with it a significant disadvantage. Rats are renowned for residing in built up areas, so if you think you may have rats at your commercial or domestic property, you need to know exactly how to get rid of them. Take the first step to a rat-free future with PestBusters; we have the skill and experience to ensure the problem of rats Birmingham is eradicated efficiently.

From the moment you realise your property has rats, it is imperative you take the necessary measures to ridding the premises of the problem. Rats carry a host of diseases such as:

•    Salmonella (Attacks the stomach and intestines)

•    Weil’s Disease (Can cause a variety of symptoms including high temperature and a skin rash)

•    Trichinosis (A parasitic disease)

•    Hantavirus (This can cause renal syndrome and haemorrhagic fever)

In addition to the associated health problems rats can cause, their presence can also lead to significant damage to a property if left.

For this reason, call upon our trusted services as soon as the problem arises.

We are able to visit industrial, commercial and residential premises discreetly, assessing the problem and implementing fast and effective solutions to rectify the rodent problem and restore the property to a hygienic environment.

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so if you find a pest problem and need it dealing with immediately, we are the best people to call.

Our commitment to the industry is highlighted in our affiliations with CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) and the fact we are a National Pest Technicians and Investors in People accredited company, so you can rest assured from initial contact to final resolution, we are the best in the business.

Eradicate the problem of rats Birmingham with a little help from PestBusters. Our dedicated team work tirelessly to ensure your property is left rodent-free. For further information on our services, visit our website today.

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