A major problem with pest birds is that, put bluntly, they keep people away. When it’s your business and your town that is a real problem.

Join forces to stop seagulls hitting visitor footfall

While pigeons are as a general rule – although not always – shy of humans their mess can be a major deterrent to visitors looking for a spot to enjoy a drink outside.

Seagulls on the other hand can be extremely aggressive, so much so that that can be a blight across an entire town.

Seaside towns are obviously the natural habitat of these birds and it is some of these coastal areas that have reported real problems with the seagull population.

Tourists feeding aggressive seagull behaviour

Preying on visitors for easy food, seagulls are becoming emboldened by the rich pickings of discarded food and, even worse, tourists feeding them.

One tourist’s choice to throw food to the seagulls is another tourist’s decision not to eat at a seafront cafe due to it being plagued by brazen gulls.

To protect the livelihood of the cafes, restaurants and pubs – and to ensure the continued footfall of holiday makers and day trippers – local authorities and community groups need to take action to protect the area as a whole.

While gulls are part and parcel of coastal life, they do not need to aggressively scare customers away from cafes.

Action to support the community

A decision by the council or local chamber of trade to tackle the problem by implementing strategic deterrents is all that is needed to help businesses and seagulls co-exist more peacefully.

Spikes and netting can be added to lampposts, landmarks and roofs to deter the gulls from preying on unsuspecting tourists – and making visitors consider choosing an alternative destination in future.

While one business acting alone may be able to protect their customers, traders need to consider the appeal of the town as a whole. A combined effort will really help to protect a specific area from aggressive seagulls targeting diners.

Whether you are a local authority looking for a solution to a pest bird problem or a chamber of trade being asked to take action, Total Bird Control has the expertise and solutions to help.

If you are a business owner in despair at the effect seagulls are having on your trade consider teaming up with other local traders to tackle the problem together.

Contact Total Bird Control to discuss the best solution to your bird pest problem.

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