Whilst birds can often be a source of enjoyment in a garden, they can also prove to be pests when in large numbers around properties. That’s why at Total Bird Control, we can offer a variety of bird proofing London solutions from bird spikes to bird netting to try and eliminate the presence of unwanted birds. Without putting into place plans to control birds it could lead to health risks, damage to buildings and contamination, all of which can be prevented using our services.

As part of your building maintenance London it is important to think about long term preventative actions. There are a variety of things we can put into place including:

Bird Netting

This is when we use fixed nylon netting that is secured to the building, using either stainless steel or galvanised fixings which are designed to last. By using this method, birds will not be able to gain access to spaces behind it and will find it very unpleasant to land or perch on.

Bird Wire

As a long term bird proofing solution, wires can be very effective. They are made up of stainless steel posts which are fixed before a set of tensioned wires are then strung between the posts. They are very resistant and because the wires include shock absorbing springs, birds will steer clear, as it provides an unsteady platform for them to land on.

Bird Spikes

Spikes which consist of stainless steel wires set into a plastic base are glued or screwed into position and provide a physical barrier to prevent birds from landing on ledges. They are not designed to injure or harm birds, merely to prevent birds from causing damage to property.

Sometimes no matter what preventative actions you put in place, birds may still cause a problem for you and your business. At Total Bird Control we have designed a bird removal programme that our professionally trained staff can undertake to ensure minimum distress to the birds and will comply with all pest and bird control laws.

If you think it’s important to use effective solutions for bird proofing London, here at Total Bird Control we can offer you the service you need. Take a look at our website today.

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