Property owners choose to have oak trees removed for a number of reasons, but such a decision is never taken lightly. Large oaks are very old and can enhance the look and value of a property if positioned correctly, sheltering and feeding an abundance of wildlife. But if the roots are interfering with foundations or drainage, or light and views are severely restricted, homeowners might rightly choose to enlist services in tree removal Birmingham. Garden Busters are experts in this area who have the backing of the entire Busters Group to assure customers of their quality of service and competence.

Due to the amount of leaves and acorns they drop, oak trees can cause significant problems with the guttering and drainage of a property. Trees growing too close to boundaries or foundations can pose safety hazards, and overhanging branches can cause problems in stormy weather. Whatever the reason for your tree removal, the team here at Garden Busters is sure to have seen the problem before.

Maintaining professionalism and safety at all times, we can remove any tree quickly and discretely. We also offer stump grinding services and root removal so that homeowners are completely free to do what they want with their garden. Want space for a new garage, extension or shed? We can help you make your dream garden a reality.

We only employ trained tree surgeons because safety if a major factor in this area of work. This means that Garden Busters clients needn’t worry about damage to their property or grounds and can go ahead with the desired removal.

If you’re not sure about the pros and cons of your oak tree then we offer a consultancy service that can provide you with expert advice as to the best course of action. In fact, with our services in felling, logging, chipping and re – shaping – there’s no tree removal Birmingham requirement which we cannot meet.

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