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Pest Control Methods Birmingham

The most effective method of pest control always depends on the size, nature and circumstance of the infestation in hand. Bird control methods are clearly ineffective on nesting rats for example, so it’s important that the problem is treated by a specialist with the knowledge required to select the right technique. At PestBusters, we have experience in pest control Birmingham for domestic, commercial and industrial clients in the city and surrounding areas. Rather than exacerbating infestations with expensive off the shelf products, consider hiring PestBusters to get rid of the problem for good.

It may be the case that your home or workplace is suffering from large populations of nesting rats and mice. It is common knowledge that rodents carry a plethora of diseases which can be passed to humans, and infestations can obliterate reputations and contravene health and safety laws.

Here at PestBusters, not only do we initially get rid of rats and mice, we then prevent them from returning. As rodents can dislocate their skulls in order to enter buildings through holes the width of a biro pen, this involves sealing likely entry points and quarantining nesting areas.

Insects however might require a different tact. The PestBusters team can utilise a range of methods to deal with ants, wasps, mites and associated insects. These include insecticidal sprays, fogging (smoke generators), insect traps and electric flying insect killers. We also manufacture a selection of fly screen windows and doors for domestic or commercial use.

This is because the best way of dealing with pests in to prevent them from gaining access to a property in the first place. Our website offers useful tips on preventing and detecting infestations, but for a more comprehensive consultation regarding our pest control Birmingham methods, why not contact our friendly staff who will be happy to advise regarding the best course of action.

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Pestbusters provides a wide range of pest control services including vermin control, rat control, insect control, bird control and rodent control.

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