Pigeons can be found in abundance throughout the UK, especially in coastal towns, urban areas and many of our towns and cities. They congregate in urban areas because there is always a good supply of food scraps to keep them happy. Once settled in an area they will breed in large numbers and this is when they can start to cause problems.


The problems they create are droppings, noise and building damage. They also carry a variety of diseases and mites which can present a health problem.

Pigeons are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 so it is illegal to injure or kill them and to interfere with their eggs and nests. However, if they are causing a problem then there are a variety of practical things you can do as well as pigeon control products that are available which can remedy the problem.

The practical things you can do are not feeding them and making sure that food scraps are carefully discarded so that pigeons can’t get to them.

Pigeon Control Products that Work Well Include:

Bird Spikes and Netting – These are RSPB approved and they stop pigeons from landing, nesting and roosting. Pigeon spikes can be used on chimney stacks, roofs and window sills and nets can be used to cover the roof and face of a building. Both are effective deterrents.

Post and Wire System – These are made of wire and nylon filaments and they are made in a criss-cross pattern to cover ridges and flat roofs. These stop pigeons from landing.

Professional Bird Control

If you are experiencing problems with pigeons then we recommend that you bring in a professional bird control team to deal with the issue.

Total Bird Control are experts in all aspects of dealing with pigeon control problems so please contact us now if you need any help.

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