Whether it’s pigeons, crows, seagulls or other breeds of wild birds, if they start to cause a nuisance to your home or business property then you will need to find a solution that will deter them without causing them harm. Bird Spikes are the ideal solution to stop birds from roosting and becoming a pest and you can obtain them to deal specifically with the bird that is causing the problem such as pigeon spikes.


Bird spikes are very versatile and they can be used in a variety of places such as roofs, ledges, gutters, walls, on CCTV cameras and generally where birds like to land. They are effective because the spikes make them difficult to land on and this deters large numbers of birds congregating and becoming a nuisance.

Large gatherings of wild birds are common in city centres, towns and coastal resorts where they are attracted by the ready supply of waste food that is available. Once they gather on buildings they can cause a lot of damage, make a great deal of noise and produce a lot of faces which is ultimately damaging and causes a health and safety issue. Not only that, birds such as seagulls can get particularly aggressive and they have often been known to swoop and attack people.

Bird Spikes and Pigeon Spikes

If you are experiencing a bird problem,then bird spikes could be the solution you’re looking for. They are RSPB approved and no birds will be harmed by using them. The spikes on a bird spike stick upwards and outwards and they are available in different sizes and strengths depending on the type of bird you are trying to deter.

Many people think that using bird spikes on their building will make it look ugly and unsightly. At Total Bird Control we are able to install bird spikes that are difficult to notice so that it doesn’t ruin the aesthetic look of the building.

As well as bird spikes we can also offer bird netting and these are often used in commercial settings such as stadiums and large warehouses.

If you are looking for an ideal bird proofing solution then we have a wide range of bird spikes, pigeon spikes and bird netting to choose from. Contact us now to find out more.

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