Bird really is the word when it comes to the service on offer at Total Bird Control, synonymous with peace and tranquillity our feathered friends appear in all sorts of forms of art, from paintings, literature to songs! However, for a business owner they can be more of a pest, as they damage your property and cause general nuisance. Whilst they may be in the way, you have to do all you can to ensure that the prevention methods you use are humane, yet effective, so read on to learn the top 3 methods that we use here.

Pigeon Netting

No, it’s not a net made from pigeon, it has this name as it is generally an effective method to preventing this particular type of bird. It will stop birds passing through, and if they do decide to land on it they won’t stay long as it doesn’t provide a comfortable surface; what’s more, it’s inconspicuous so you needn’t worry about aesthetics being affected!

Bird Spikes

Whilst these may sound pretty hard-core they are simply a few spikes that shoot off in various different directions which will obviously stop any birds from roosting. The downfall of this method is that they can be seen from ground level.

Posts & Wire

Exactly what it says on the tin, several wires strung between a number of steel posts! Because it is tensioned it won’t be easy to land on, and the inclusion of shock absorbing springs makes them resilient to damage.

Why Do I Need Bird Proofing?

The question you should really be asking yourself isn’t why do you need it; it’s what will happen if you don’t. Without proper prevention techniques in place you are at risk of infections, illnesses, infestation by insects associated with birds, damage to buildings and fouling and contamination!

So, don’t run the risk, click here to go straight through to our contact page and find out today the best bird control methods that we have.

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