Many people may not consider birds to be a pest but if you have a business or home that has been taken over by pest birds you will know the truth is very different.

One tool in the battle to discourage pest birds from frequenting your property without causing them any harm is bird spikes.

Bird spikes are, exactly as you would expect, spikes of metal that are designed to get rid of pest birds.

Made out of either plastic or metal, bird spikes might actually appear more likes wires attached to a plastic strip than actual spikes.

These are attached to roofs, window sills and the ledges and edges of buildings as an efficient way to discourage pest birds from returning.

As pest birds vary in size from a large seagull to a much smaller starling, bird spikes are available in different sizes and densities to make sure they are suitable.

Bird spikes: a humane solution

Bird spikes are one of the most humane ways of dealing with pest birds as they are designed not to harm the birds. Blunted, rather than sharp, tips are used on bird spikes to ensure they do not injure birds.

Instead bird spikes discourage the birds from returning to the building by making former roosting areas inhospitable – as well as their return being blocked by the bird spikes, birds can also see the obstruction.

pigeon spikes, pigeon deterent

Bird spikes can be easily installed on buildings and structures as an unobtrusive but efficient method of deterring pest birds.

Where to use bird spikes

Bird spikes are ideal for use in:

Businesses – Food businesses in particular are susceptible to problems with pest birds and bird spikes can be used to target problem areas. Other businesses may have issues with birds causing a hazardous mess in car parks or perching on (and damaging) display boards.

Homes – If birds are making a mess of your roof by perching on your aerial adding bird spikes can help to deter them. Likewise seagulls or pigeons sitting along the roof line can be discouraged through the use of bird spikes.

Whatever your property is used for and wherever you have a problem with pest birds causing a mess or targeting food bird spikes offer a humane, efficient and discreet solution.

Total Bird Control has wide experience dealing with all species of pest birds and offering decontamination services.

For advice on installing bird spikes to deter pest birds contact Total Bird Control.

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