With so many different methods of bird control available, how do you know which one is the best? The most appropriate solution is different for everyone, and will be dependent upon your own situation. Join us as we explore the various effective methods of bird control London which our experienced team at here at Total Bird Control are able to carry out. Let’s first look at the benefits which each different method is able to provide.

Bird Spikes

Birds can often pose a pesky problem should they keep landing on your building. Bird spikes can prevent this from happening, by providing an unpleasant surface for them to land on, thus deterring them from visiting your property in future.

This method is ideal for buildings which don’t have an even surface, as they are versatile enough to work around the provided area, despite whether it is smooth or uneven.


Made up of nylon netting, which is fixed to a pre-tensioned wire rope, any visiting birds will find themselves unable to pass through and uncomfortable if they decide to land or attempt to perch on the netting.

If you have a balcony or alcove which is commonly plagued with birds, then netting may well be the best option for you, as other methods are often hard to implement in these hard to reach areas.

Post & Wire

This system consists of a series of wires, strung between stainless steel posts. These provide a barrier to prevent birds landing underneath, as well as an uncomfortable place to perch.

This is a simple, yet highly effective method which can be easily installed on your building, and is excellent for those looking for a durable option, as the shock absorbing springs remain resilient to damage.

Bird Trapping

In difficult circumstances, where other methods may have failed or proved ineffective, we are able to plan and carry out a bird removal program to professionally and humanely trap any problem birds.

This is beneficial if no other methods have worked, and there is only a small number of birds which you wish to free your property from.

The best method for you will depend on your own circumstance and requirements, but we hope our useful overview has helped you to find the right method for you. To take advantage of our excellent bird control London methods, contact us today.

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