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Bird Control Worcester

Bird control in Worcester

Part of the Busters Group, Total Bird Control in Worcester office covers the Worcestershire and Herefordshire area.

Various removal and bird decontamination methods are available, and we offer free site visits to conduct a survey and provide a competitive quotation.

Birds frequently plague city centres such as Worcester and uncontrolled populations can be detrimental to shoppers, workers, and residents. When shelter and food is plentiful, birds can breed quickly.

Bird control solutions are quick to implement but care is needed to ensure the birds and public are protected in accordance with legislation. The Total Bird Control Worcester team provide a professional and reliable service that includes:

  • Bird Control Solutions UK Wide
  • Free Quotations and Site Surveys
  • Pigeon and Bird Control
  • Site Risk Assessments and Method Statements
  • Insured and Guaranteed Work 

Bird netting solutions in Worcester

British law protects birds and their eggs therefore any control methods used must be humane. The Worcester Total Bird Control team use deterrent solutions such as spikes and scarers and removal methods such as bird netting and trapping. Control methods are also available to tackle pigeons and seagulls.

In an uncontrolled environment birds can flourish, reproducing quickly and causing havoc with droppings, nests, noise and the pressure to be fed. Further problems can include:

Health issues:
The spread of diseases such as Salmonella, E. Coli and Ornithosis can be increased due to bird excrement and general unhygienic mess.

Bird nesting spaces and abandoned nests are prone to infestation from bird associated insects such as mites, fleas, lice and ticks.

Corrosion and damage to buildings:
Buildings can be badly damaged by bird activity, especially the corrosive makeup of bird droppings. The acidic nature can also affect car paintwork and other objects like bikes, railings, statues and outdoor furniture.

Wet conditions can be dangerous for people walking on surfaces affected by bird droppings – slips and falls are commonplace.

Contamination and fouling:
Birds can contribute to the contamination of water and subsequent spread of disease. Water butts, air conditioning systems and natural sources are all prone to bird pollution.

Flooding issues:
Leaks and overflows caused by bird nests, waste and feathers are well known. At its worst, blockages could cause localised flooding.

Roosting birds create noise, which is amplified in enclosed spaces. Birds flying and feeding can be extremely annoying to passers-by and other animals.

Loss of company reputation:
If problematic birds nest in your building or close by it could impact the staff and customer perception of your company. Nuisance birds cause mess and noise which can be extremely off-putting – so much so that complaints and loss of business could arise.

Food hygiene:
The Food Safety Act 1990 conveys a power for fines to be issued if Health & Safety problems are uncovered. Bird droppings, nests and associated activity can contribute to these problems, especially if birds are within close proximity to food preparation, serving, storage or removal areas.

Total Bird Control Solutions

Birds needn’t be a problem and the Total Bird Control team have several bird removal and preventative solutions available:

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are exactly as they sound; spikes that can be glued or drilled to ledges, windowsills and bird perching areas. The spikes come in a range of different sizes and prevent birds from landing so encouraging them to move on.

Pigeon Spikes

Pigeon spikes are designed specifically for larger birds such as pigeons and seagulls, as they are sturdier and extremely robust.

The use of bird spikes is recommended by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) because they are humane.

Bird control in Worcester

Total Bird Control team in Worcester will happily discuss the bird control measures available to you and will visit your home or work place to conduct a site survey before providing a quotation and recommendations.

The area of Worcester

Worcester is part of the West Midlands, just north of Birmingham. The county Worcestershire has a population of just under 600,000.

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