As the natural world wakes up from winter, spring brings an increase in activities – including for pest birds.

Having spent the winter keeping warm and looking for food, spring will mark a new season of activity for many bird species.

Of primary importance when it comes to bird control in the UK is that spring is the time when birds will start to lay down roots, which could cause trouble down the line.

Spring signals the start of the main nesting season for most birds – and even for those that breed throughout the year spring is still the most active time.

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Pest birds nesting in spring

The problem with birds nesting is that if a pest bird species decides to nest at your property you can expect them to remain there.

Once birds such as pigeons or seagulls have found a protected spot to nest in, with a nearby supply of food, they will have little reason to move – and their numbers can quickly grow.

While birds nesting on your property many not a at first thought seem a major problem this can quickly escalate as numbers grow. Issues include:

  • Birds targeting customers/ residents for food
  • Birds causing damage to guttering/ fragile structures by building nests
  • Bird faeces creating a mess/ hazard
  • Noise
  • Potential for spread of disease

With the nesting season leading to the arrival of chicks, you can expect the number of birds on your property to quickly increase.

The arrival of chicks can also signal a shift to more aggressive behaviour from birds, especially seagulls, which are known to become particularly aggressive when feeding and protecting their young.

Easy pickings with spring planting

Spring bird control is a serious concern for agricultural businesses, which will be planting seeds to grow crops.

Birds can cause considerable disruption and damage to crops if they are allowed to gain access to areas where seeds have been planted.

While the nature of growing crops demands that plants are exposed to the elements, there are measures that can be taken to deter birds from targeting newly-sown seeds in spring.

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Bird control in spring – what action to take

Successful bird control UK in spring relies on taking action early to prevent birds becoming a problem in the first place.

Once birds have established an active nest on your property it is very difficult to make any changes.

Stopping birds nesting is the best option. Using bird control measures such as spikes and netting it is possible to make your building inhospitable to birds.

Focusing on the areas that would be most likely to attract birds, bird control experts can use a combination of methods to deter birds from nesting at your property.

Likewise, in an agricultural setting, putting in place the correct bird control measures can prove a powerful defence against the damaging actions of birds targeting crops. Netting, in particular, can be effective in stopping birds accessing crops.

Total Bird Control specialises in resolving problems with pest birds and can advise you on the most effective measures for your property.

To find out how we can help you to put in place bird control measures this spring get in touch with Total Bird Control.


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