Humane Bird Netting For Your Buildings

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There is nothing more glorious than witnessing a bird in full flight. The way it soars, dips and weaves seamlessly through the air can’t help but catch your eye and your imagination. But, whilst birds are appreciated in their natural habitat, when they begin to occupy more urban terrain, they can quickly become a nuisance…. Read more »

Can Bird Spikes Help Prevent Damage to Buildings?

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If you’ve ever spent much time in London where birds have become used to humans you will probably have noticed they can be quite a pest; bothering people while they eat as well as making areas unsightly with their droppings. At Total Bird Control we specialise in the implementation of bird proofing methods to rid your property… Read more »

Top 3 Humane Bird Control Methods

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Bird really is the word when it comes to the service on offer at Total Bird Control, synonymous with peace and tranquillity our feathered friends appear in all sorts of forms of art, from paintings, literature to songs! However, for a business owner they can be more of a pest, as they damage your property and… Read more »

Effective Prevention against Birds with Pigeon Netting

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We might all love pushing open the window on a hot day and hearing the calming sounds of bird song coming from outside, however at times birds can change from being your acapella group of feathered friends perched on your roof, to a pest which can create a whole range of problems. If the birds… Read more »

National Training Awards 2010

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Darren Brough Total Bird Control Health, Safety & Operations Manager

Darren Brough our Health, Safety & Operations Manager has been honoured with two prestigious National Training Awards in recognition of his outstanding contribution and commitment to training, learning and development in the workplace. He was presented with both a Regional National Training Award and a UK National Training Award at the West Midlands Regional Ceremony,… Read more »