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The garden is an area of your home that can quickly become overgrown and out of control if not regularly maintained. From cutting down unruly trees and shrubbery through to a comprehensive clear out whereby your garden is stripped backed to its bare bones, we at Garden Busters can offer you a professional service for Tags:

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In any city centre, one of the most common sights you are likely to see is a large flock of pigeons. These birds can cause mayhem for both shop and homeowners as they are likely to nest, land or perch on any roofs, balconies or alcoves that they can find. Causing mess and general annoyance, you could be forgiven for thinking there was no way of preventing this from happening to you. However thanks to our innovative pigeon netting Birmingham here at Total Bird Control, you can remove the problem once and for all.

The netting is designed to ensure that there is no way that birds such as pigeons can fit through it. With it also providing an unpleasant location for pigeons to land and perch on, the aim here at Total Bird Control is for them to have no choice but to go elsewhere to land and nest.

The netting is made of nylon that is then fitted to a pre tensioned wire rope frame. This can then be installed across the whole roof of your property and is highly effective at blocking access to favoured spots such as balconies and recesses that are difficult to protect against using other techniques. If viewed head on, the netting looks highly inconspicuous so will have no affect on the appearance of your property.

Netting is fixed in place using a variety of methods to ensure reliability and a long lasting, effective solution to removing pigeons from your property. Masonry bolts and clamping are two of the most common methods of keeping your netting in place, with additional support structures constructed when extra netting is required.

If pigeons are causing problems at your property, now is the time to invest in a method for keeping them away. To remove the threat of them nesting, landing and perching on your building, pigeon netting Birmingham from us at Total Bird Control is guaranteed to provide a long lasting, permanent solution.

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Despite the potentially detrimental health implications which a pest infestation may pose upon a business, the consequences could stretch much further, giving the company a damaging reputation, and deterring prospective customers. Speed and discreetness are essential upon such an outbreak occurring, but luckily, our efficient team at Pest Busters can lend their services as specialists within commercial pest control Wolverhampton, to ensure your business remains protected from pest infestations and the associated consequences.

Most pest control companies are able to quickly see to the problem, but few are able to offer the full and rounded service which we provide. When selecting a company to eliminate the trace of pests in your premises, it’s important to consider the following aspects;


Without an experienced company at hand, you may find that the problem might not have been thoroughly investigated, or the least efficient form of treatment used. With many years behind us, we at Pest Busters have had a large amount of experience throughout a range of commercial environments, including leisure centres, restaurants, factories and warehouses. This experience enables us to carry out the most effective methods, which have been tried, tested and succeeded.


Pest invasions can occur or be noticed at any given time, and when they do, it’s crucial that they are acted on fast! The service which we provide is not only swift, but it is also conducted with privacy and sensitivity. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, upholding the excellent level of service which we are renowned for.

Range of Services

To receive a complete service, it comes of great benefit to use a company which is knowledgeable across numerous types of infestation, in order to receive accurate diagnosis and have the most appropriate action taken. We are fully knowledgeable in the areas of rodent, insect, bird and fly control, providing a comprehensive service for all unwelcome pests which may invade your building or premises.

To take control of the excellent commercial pest control Wolverhampton which we provide, or for more information on any of our services, why not get in touch with us today through our online contact form.

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Many of us like the thought of having a garden -a little area where we can retreat after a hard day at work, or somewhere we can while away the hours at the weekend. But the reality is, very few of us have the time to give our gardens the attention that they truly deserve. Fortunately there is one company, Garden Busters, which provides garden maintenance Stratford and are on hand to make sure come winter, spring, summer or autumn your garden lives up to its potential and looks how you want it to.

We’re a well established small medium enterprise with a team of dedicated staff that have many years of experience in the vast range of garden maintenance services we provide. Our team understand the problems that can arise from all types of garden issues, which is why they’re on hand to provide prompt, sound professional advice and action to sort out the situation.

Before we start any garden maintenance Stratford we take a look at your garden and talk to you about what you want – this is because we know that every garden is different and everyone’s needs and dreams are different. While some people would be happy with a few trees here and there, others like to have a more adventurous looking garden that requires a little bit more care and attention.

Whatever it is, we are happy to come and help maintain it, so after those hard days at work you can come home and relax in your own little bit of paradise.

Often it’s helpful just to receive friendly expert advice as to the best course of action to take. This is also something which we’ll be able to offer, as we pride ourselves on a personal service. So if you needgarden maintenance Stratford why not call us on our free phone number for a professional solution to garden maintenance.

Darren Brough Total Bird Control Health, Safety & Operations Manager

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NTA-Logo-300x79Darren Brough our Health, Safety & Operations Manager has been honoured with two prestigious National Training Awards in recognition of his outstanding contribution and commitment to training, learning and development in the workplace.

He was presented with both a Regional National Training Award and a UK National Training Award at the West Midlands Regional Ceremony, held at Birmingham Town Hall on 21st October. He was recognised in the Individual Award category.

Run on behalf of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) by UK Skills, the National Training Awards inspires and encourages UK industry to invest in training and development as a route to achieving outstanding organisational and individual success. Winning an Award is recognition of best practice and provides a benchmark for standards of excellence in training in the UK. City and Guilds is the premier sponsor of the 2010 National Training Awards.


Darren will now be invited to the National Training Awards 2010 UK Ceremony, being held in London on Wednesday 1st December. At the ceremony, UK winners will find out whether or not they have won the overall Winner of the

Simon Bartley, Chief Executive of UK Skills which manages the National Training Awards said: “I would like to offer congratulations to all regional and UK winners for the National Training Awards 2010. Achieving an award is a fantastic achievement and one that all winners should be really proud of. Now more than ever it is essential for organisations to continue to invest in the development of their staff. The UK’s future, after all, can only be strengthened and sustained by people who have the skills needed to meet the demands of today’s globalised economy.”Year Award for their category. They will be up against all the other UK Winners from across the UK in competition for these top awards.

For more information please visit

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In many areas of life it’s often the case that problems go unnoticed until something serious takes place, after which point an investigation into the issue is launched. Here at Total Bird Control, we’re committed to reducing the minor problems that pest birds cause before something more tragic takes place. Whether an industrial or commercial manager, you have a duty to make sure those on site are kept safe, no matter how seemingly improbable the risks. At Total Bird Control we use a number of accepted techniques, such as pigeon spikes Manchester to help achieve this.

While they may look slightly barbaric, the spikes that we can install very rarely cause any harm to pest birds. Their aim is to deter pigeons and seagulls from perching on the property in question, rather than to hurt them. Destroying birds in this way would worsen the problem; instead, our spikes cause birds to relocate their nests elsewhere, leaving your property clean, tidy and disease free.

The beauty of the products we can offer is that they break the mould of traditional spikes. Rather than being unsightly and conspicuous to the eye, we can supply discreet spikes which are positioned in such a way as to be as invisible as possible.

Furthermore, due to their configuration, some of our spikes even deter larger birds but allow smaller garden birds, such as beautiful songbirds, to land on your property. This kind of approach can be ideal in those circumstances where a delicate ecology is at stake.

Here at Total Bird Control, our pigeon spikes Manchester aren’t actually our greatest strength. We believe our level of experience, technical expertise and dedication to serving our customers is what really sets us apart. Please fill out the online enquiry form on our ‘Contact Us’ page to learn more.

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The presence of flies can be a nuisance to homes and businesses everywhere. Particularly within environments which contain food, the persistent return of unwelcome flies can become an annoying and frustrating problem. Businesses such as restaurants and pubs may face an ongoing battle, should insects continue to interrupt mealtimes for customers. Here at Pest Busters, we can provide sustainable and effective solutions to rid your home or business of such uninvited visitors for good, with our range of ultraviolet fly killer Wolverhampton.

Ultraviolet light is an excellent method of insect control. Attracting the insects with powerful rays, the light will draw in all insects, diverting them from any nearby food, and keeping those within the area free of pests and able to enjoy their meal. The three fly killers which we offer are capable of creating and sustaining an insect free environment for all;

The Viper

Developed specifically for commercial use, The Viper has 2 x 15 watt UVA tubes, for highly effective insect attraction. Available at a highly affordable price, it can be mounted to the wall, suspended from the ceiling, or free standing, for ideal placement.

The Cobra

As an innovative piece of equipment, UV light shined from the front, top and sides, to provide full coverage for any insects in the area. This will allow you to place the unit wherever you wish, and still receive a high level of success across the given site.

The Liberator

Including 4 x 15 watt UV tubes, The Liberator has a high UV output, for ultimate efficiency. Available in stainless steel or white, this product will provide ultimate productivity.

As the common housefly can acquire and transport 3.5 million disease carrying bacteria, a fly killer Wolverhampton will not only rid you and those around you of the nuisance of flies, but also help to maintain a hygienic environment.

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Certain types of trees can gradually and often unexpectedly, develop into much larger garden features than originally intended, leaving the owner stumped as to how to regain control over their greenery. Attempting to remove or reduce particularly large trees can be a potentially dangerous task, which may result in injury or the end results being below standard or inadequate. In such situations, why not call upon us at Garden Busters, for the services of industry professionals. Using a carefully refined combination of specialist equipment, great knowledge and passion for gardening we are able to carry out tree removal Bromsgroveservices for anyone experiencing the wrath of unruly trees.

We cannot stress the importance of hiring professional services to conduct tree surgery enough. Without the correct equipment, the process can be a great danger to both yourself and others, and may result in creating a greater problem that you started with! Here at Garden Busters, we hold an impressive portfolio of experience, which we’ve gained from happy customers across the country.
We are able to carry out all types of tree services, including;

  • Chipping
  • Logging
  • Stump grinding
  • Root Removal
  • Tree Felling
  • Re-shaping
  • Raising canopies

If you simply wish for your trees to be reduced in size, we are able to effectively lessen any adverse impacts they may be having on your garden, whilst retaining the natural beauty and structure. If the problems experienced are simply too great or damaging to the rest of the garden, we are able completely remove any problem trees with minimum disruption to the surrounding features and shrubbery.

Offering a further collection of essential garden maintenance services, our specialties lie within numerous other aspects, including lawn care, upkeep of commercial grounds and planting and landscape design, to name just a few. Consider the advice of experts next time you require tree removal Bromsgrove, and hire the Garden Busters.